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    Human and animal reasoning 1

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    Human and animal reasoning 1 Empty Human and animal reasoning 1

    Post by ozoemena on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:18 pm

    Sometimes, people wonder and ask the question,”do animals really have minds? ”
    If you ask me, I say yes! When one looks at The higher animals, especially mammals, one finds a special sense of thinking and advanced reasoning, that sets them over other classes of animals. That’s why dogs could be trained to understand and obey commands and instructions which sometimes even certain human beings cannot perform.
    Dogs now are trained,to check mails at the post office, help in crime detection, Do some work on farms( Like dragging carts,and ploughs for farming operations)
    Your animals sometimes even tend to show more understanding and empathy for certain situations the owner might find themselves in.
    I cannot forget one of our dogs, Jimmy,My favorite.It just follows my every thought and feeling, it would know by the look on my face, what I want.We got so very sentimentally attached,so that the dog could tell when I’m about traveling, it would follow me to the gate, and the moment I try to step out, it would grab my trousers and pull hard,to get me back inside!
    Even when I travel, each time I come back, it would sense my presence from afar, and it’s presence at the gate has now become an indicator, that I’m nearby, coming home.
    The moment I come close to the gate on a visit home, it would set up an excited cry..jumping and dragging at me.This peculiar attention it shows no one else but me.
    Even birds,that are not mammals, show an amazing degree of attachment and ability to relate to man.I remember a time when I kept birds.I had one favorite, Edison. It got so attached to me that it would perch on my shoulders and follow me to the gate to let visitors in.It slept in my room, woke up each morning, and flying out the window to search for food, and coming back when it got tired of eating. If anyone or anything approached it while out foraging, it would run to my door and wait until I come back to let it in.
    It is only fair to say that these animals have a more functional and rational mind than some people today. At leas animals still recognised that a male and female must meet for offspring to be produced, that mating is ordained by nature to be between the male and female animals.. Humans now have legalized man to wed and mate a fellow man and women to do the same.. Man is gradually falling below animal reasoning..
    One might say Ok,this is all about domestic animals, hold on to this site, for videos of scorpions! You’d see that even the scorps do have sound reasoning.What then is happening to the mind and reasoning of man?
    Written by: OZOEMENA Isaac

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